How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer?

Struggling to figure out how you can transfer your music from your iPod to Computer?

Don't look any further — this simple wizard will transfer your music from you iPod back to your computer in a few simple clicks! Also works with iPad + iPhone.

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The Problem

iTunes can easily load your iPod with music photos, and videos. However, if something ever happens to your computer or your iTunes library - you will quickly find out that iTunes is worthless at transferring music from your iPod back to your computer. If a fresh installation of iTunes does not recognize your iPod it may even try to delete all of the music off of your iPod or iPhone. In fact with the most current versions of iPods and iTunes – the only safe and reliable way to transfer music from iPod to computer is with special software.

The Solution

MediaWidget | Easy iPod Transfer – is the easy answer to transfer your music from your iPod or iPhone back to your computer. MediaWidget's iPod Transfer Wizard will automatically transfer all of the music, playlists, podcasts, photos, and videos from your iPod back to your computer and into iTunes in a few simple clicks. It will even save your playlists, album artwork, ratings, play counts, and more.

A few minutes will save you hours of hassle trying to transfer all of your music from iPod to computer.

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